Air Cadets has a lot to offer in terms opportunities for activities, much more than can be put into a website. This page contains just some of the activities that you can get involved with as a cadet.


Scroll through and read more about each of the activities, or try clicking on the links below to jump straight to the activity you're most interested in!

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At Air Cadets, You will get the opportunity to take to the skies. Whether this is a powered flight in an Air Cadet Grob Tutor, a gliding experience in a Viking or Vigilant glider or an Air experience with an RAF Pilot - sometimes getting a flight in aircraft such as Chinook, Hercules, Senator and more.


The opportunity is also there for cadets to get the tuition needed to take flight solo by age 16 - before you're even old enough to learn to drive a car. 


It is one of Air Cadets aims to get you airborne as often as possible.


In addition to these opportunities of real flight experiences, Biggleswade Squadron also own their very own flight simulator, which can be used to train and learn to fly whenever and as regulary as wanted. 





Adventure training is an integral part of teamwork and leadership training and is used throughout Air Cadets in various different ways, including:

- Canoeing

- Kayaking

- Abseiling

- Hill walking 

- Skiing 

- Rock Climbing

- Assault Courses




The Duke of Edinburgh award is a flexible award created by HRH Duke of Edinburgh in 1956 to help develop young people and prepare them for life and work. 


The award currently has four stages: 

- Bronze

- Silver

- Gold

- Diamond 


Each stage increases in difficulty, with the people who pass Gold and Diamond earning themselves a trip to Buckingham Palace to be awarded with it. 




Air Cadets offer a progressive St. Johns Ambulance First Aid training scheme including; Heart start, Youth First Aid and Activity First Aid qualifications

The training consists of a mixture of lessons on various injuries and conditions - including training on correctly informing the emergency services and also how to handle casualties properly - and practical theoretical scenarios where the cadets can put their training into practice as if it is a real life situation. 

This Qualification is one of the many qualifications which cadets can take with them out of the corps to help them with their life beyond - adding to their portfolio of skills which may help them for future employment.



Air Cadets offer a progressive Shooting scheme that goes from air rifle shooting through the Light Support weapon.

The better shot you are the better marksman badge you can achieve, from a single rifle to a crossed rifle with a crown.

You can progress on to competitions which go all the way to national level, this is the highest achievement you can gain in the shooting area of the Air Cadets.



The Air cadet participate in a number of different types of Drill, this may included Parade Drill, Competition Drill, Banner Drill and Rifle Drill.

All the different types of drill help the cadets develop in different ways such as, Organisation, Pride, Discipline, Team Work and Routine.

Wearing your uniform in the public eye in competitions and on public parades makes you feel a sense of pride and unity,



Air Cadets Participate in a wide range of sporting activities which include team sports, individual sports and adventure training.

The team sports include: Football, Hockey, Rugby and Netball.

Individual Activities: Cross-country and Athletics.

Adventure Training: Kayaking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Walking and Camps where you can go away to places like Wales, The peak District and Scotland. 

All the Team and Individual Activities can go up to national level.