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Useful Documents including Cadet Joining Forms. Click View to download. 

New Cadet Enrolment Forms

New cadet joining forms to be completed and returned via email to 2065@rafac.mod.gov.uk

RAFAC Form 3822A (Cadet Basic Details)

To be filled in by a parent/guardian when a new cadet joins the Squadron. This form contains basic information about the child, contact information of the parent/guardian, activities the child is permitted to take part in, and more.

RAFAC Form 3822H

(Cadet Medical Information)

An optional form to be filled in by a parent/guardian alongside 3822A if the child has any medical conditions that we need to be aware of.

Gift Aid Form


A Short form to be filled in to help the Squadron claim additional funding. Please email if you would like to opt out. 

Bank Standing Order

Squadron BACS details to setup monthly subscription payments.